In the classic design of the stand alone bathtubs there were some basic luxuries that were no brainers. The stand alone tub was deep, allowing you to fill it up with a great deal of water; it was spacious in both directions allowing you to float in the middle with your body stretched out and comfortable. These tubs were as luxurious as they came, and bath time was such a wonderful experience. The latest evolution of this tub was the clawfoot stand alone bathtub. This model was elegant and boasted a claw design on the four posts that supported the tub placing it above the ground. The clawfoot Jetted tub came along next offering the most amazing bathing and soaking experience you could get luxury office chair.

Even today this design is pretty amazing. In a world where the bathtubs as well as the bathroom are starting to get smaller and smaller, the clawfoot jetted tub stands out as one of the great luxuries you can own. Relieving all that built up stress of the day is vital to a sound healthy body and mind, so soaking after a long day is a wonderful way to get in your meditation as well as restoring your body from all the abuse it takes all day from chemicals (stress?) to every day moving around, climbing, or sitting in a chair that has poor back support, or a bench with no back support.

The clawfoot jetted tub brings elegant classic design, complete with all the space and depth of a soaking tub and the length x width of a tub you can lay down and stretch out in, and the modern luxury of the whirlpool jets that bring both temperature control and a full body massage that can last as long as you wish! With all the modern evolutions of bathtubs, many tend to adore this model due to its blending of both classic contemporary design (beauty and elegance, as well as sturdy construction and utility) and modern technologies that many cannot live without. There are extensive designs in this area, complete with different materials, accents, and adorable artistry. You can do a quick search online for “clawfoot tubs” to find plenty of information on where you can get your hands, or body, on one of these gems. This is an investment that will return ten fold the expense in luxury and comfort.

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