The car battery is one component of a vehicle’s inner workings that is sometimes taken for granted. When it is working properly, the car starts and the electronics are powered. However, when the battery has lost its charge, it will leave you stranded with a vehicle that is unable to be started. Periodically testing your battery can help you avoid potential trouble down the road and give you warning when your battery is starting to lose or is not able to hold a charge best buy car battery charger.

Battery technology has made advancements over the years, in terms of power, longevity and durability. In today’s vehicles, the battery not only provides the spark needed to start and engine and power the radio, but it also supplies the power for iPods, DVD players, GPS navigation devices and any other modern electronic component that accompanies you on your travels.

Vehicle battery testers are a way to judge weather your car’s battery is fit for use or needs to be replaced. It measures the drop in voltage when an applied load that is half the battery’s CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) rating is used. The load is given for around 15 seconds before the drop in voltage is measured. A battery in good condition will not drop below 9.6 volts. Vehicle battery testers should be used in temperatures around 70ยบ for more precise readings. Before testing or charging your car battery, make sure the engine compartment has cooled off to avoid burning yourself. Conversely, in the winter months, you may need to warm up your engine to get a proper reading or ideal results.

If your car battery has completely lost its charge, you can recharge it using a car battery charger. This method is recommended over using jumper cables to jump-start your vehicle. A car battery charger will use a lower current to recharge your battery, while connecting your vehicle’s battery to another car’s battery will provide a quick jolt to initially start your vehicle and then cause your car’s alternator to provide the rest of the recharge. Your alternator was not built for charging batteries and you can damage it by attempting to totally recharge a dead battery.

Before you hook up a battery charger to your car battery, read the owner’s manual to make sure you’re using the right model charger for your specific battery. Hook the red, positive cable to the positive battery terminal and the black, negative cable to the negative battery terminal. Then plug in the battery charger and turn it on. Most battery chargers have an indicator light that will turn on while it is in charging mode. Another indicator light will turn on when the charge is complete. Then you can remove the cables, starting with the black negative cable. Reconnect your battery to your vehicle and test it out. If your car fails to start, you may need to buy a new battery or there may be a problem that does not involve your battery.

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