Handcrafted Beer Hong Kong
Handcrafted Beer Hong Kong and Microbrewery: Trend to Stay For Long

Doesn’t matter here you choose to have your drink; it’s becoming very common to find, close to industrial beer supplier, wide range of the craft beers. Some bars experiment with the microbrewing, by using their own recipes and creation, and offering the unique experience to all their customers. Microbreweries boom is growing very clearly and gaining huge popularity. Lots of people take this as the recreational activity that leads them to get kits with everything required to produce beer in home, or others, with the entrepreneurial spirits, any venture to begin their microbrewery business.

basics of microbrewing

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Let us see some basics of microbrewing…

To make beer, you have to start with the malt that is obtained from grain (wheat or barley). The “grain” should be germinated for the short period and dried to remove all germs. Malt should be macerated at various temperatures to get the wort that should be filtered, and fermented with yeast.

Different beer types…

  1. Lager: It is fermented at the lower temperatures, from 10 to 18 °C. These days, Lagers represent most of the produced Brooklyn brewery craft beer, and where Pilsen stands as the popular one. They are dark or light, and main difference between Ales and Lagers is type of yeast used in different hand crafted beer Hong Kong.
  2. Ale: It is fermented at the higher temperatures, from 15 °C to 20 °C and at times at 24 °C and they are generally pale and flavor is sweet and fruity.
  3. Lambic: The beers were made first in Brussels. They were fermented by using the wild yeasts and flavor is bitter and acid due to hop (to avoid any excessive bitterness).